Three out of four Members that attend conference come back for more.

What Do They Know That You Don't?

It’s true. According to our survey from last year’s attendees, over 75% of conference-goers just can’t get enough—some coming back year after year. What’s their secret? What do they know that you don’t?

Read on for some clues on why you should consider joining them in Orlando for the Universal Unilink Breakaway Conference and Expo this fall.

What do the know

If You Want To Soar With The Eagles, Don’t Hang Around With Turkeys.

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A couple years ago we noticed that Members reporting double digit growth also happened to be conference attendees. We aren’t saying that coming to Orlando is going to make you rich, but if the most successful Members are there—ready and willing to share their secrets—doesn’t it make sense to join them and pick their brains?

Our attendees agree. Whether it’s a casual conversation at a reception or a direct question in one of the forums, “networking with peers” is always one of the top responses attendees give for turning out year after year. Apparently, birds of a feather DO flock together.

I love seeing all the people that we hadn’t seen for a year while meeting new people. The networking is always the best.”

Bob Carpenter, New Service Concepts

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

We are straining the bird metaphor but we do want to make a point: If you are relying on just a handful of Suppliers for all your needs, eventually you’ll find yourself scrambling to fill an order with no clue who to call. Thankfully, each year the best Suppliers from coast to coast all gather at the conference and put on one of the best dog and pony shows anywhere. You will have unprecedented access to Suppliers throughout the event, culminating with the Expo, where you’ll have plenty of time to examine product, ask questions and take advantage of show specials. Now you have a backup plan—or maybe a better plan. That’s just plain smart.

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I love the relationships we build with suppliers and members that help us to grow our businesses, gain confidence, and stay up to date on issues we might otherwise ignore, due to the busyness of running our businesses.”

Kristen Mikulas, Louisiana Promotions

Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Opportunities

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We gather some of the industry’s top thought leaders to give attendees inside access so they can make decisions ahead of the curve. From pending legislation to marketing trends, conference speakers are bound to give you something that will move your profitability needle. Attendees often relate to us how presentations from years past are still having an impact on their business. If you want to get the inside scoop, get yourself in the audience.

We were able to take something useful from every speaker we heard.”

Spencer Day, Progressive Mat & Uniform

It’s Not An Expense, It’s An Investment.

“Too expensive.” We’ve heard that lament from the stay-at-home crowd before and we say “poppycock!” Your full-conference access is only $99 for the first attendee and $79 for each additional attendee. When you consider that most of your meals are covered, it’s an incredible bargain. Add to that the absurdly low rate for the conference hotel and the discount airfare available for Orlando flights and you have an incredible bargain.

But talking about expense is not the point. The money spent attending is minuscule compared to the knowledge and access gained. The true cost is staying at home and doing things the same old way you always have.

I was impressed with this conference. Relevant information, great group of people and I brought back a lot of good ideas to implement in our company.”

Becky Hughes, Hughes Customat

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And To Top It Off, It’s Just Plain Fun!

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This is an easy one. Our Members and Suppliers are the best people on the planet. When they get together, great things happen. It’s no wonder that lifelong friendships have been forged here. The conference is just plain fun for everybody. Where else are you going to have such a tax-deductible good time while making your business more profitable?

This year we have added even more fun into the mix. The conference hotel is extending their incredibly low rate to three days before and after the conference dates so you can drop by the Magic Kingdom before you head home. Now that’s how to mix business with pleasure!

It is great to see our ‘business family’ each year. I love the exchange of ideas and the discussions with peers more than anything. In most cases, we are not in any direct competition with one another so it is a chance to see how we can improve on what we have built.”

Brett Berglund, Apparel Expressions

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There you have it: Five reasons why attendees keep coming back to the conference year after year. Isn’t it time you joined them? Fill out the form at THIS LINK and register today.

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