What is Universal Connect?

Universal Connect is our EME-style conference. Who will be there? We have invited our top 70 distributors and our top suppliers. As a purchasing association, we want to facilitate strong relationships between our members and suppliers. You can meet with all the suppliers during your meeting times (you will receive your meeting schedule upon arrival).

Access to one on one meetings with top suppliers

Universal Connect will be held May 10th-12th In Savannah, Georgia. We will kick off Connect with a Dinner boat cruise at 7:00 pm, during this time you will be free to mingle with suppliers or other distributors attending the show. Thursday’s meeting will take place after breakfast, break for lunch, and resume following lunch. Friday the 12th will be the last day of Connect; we will conclude with breakfast and give members a chance to wrap up any other meetings before departing at noon.

Network with suppliers and other distributors

Connect is a networking opportunity for members and suppliers. We will provide a schedule for meeting times that you will receive upon check-in. We ask that you arrive on time for all scheduled meetings and enter each conversation with an open mind. We believe that all suppliers at connect will add value to you and your company for years to come. 

$500 Travel Voucher

Because we want to invest in our members, we have taken care of your expenses up to $500. We will take care of your lodging, meals, and transportation. If you have received an email inviting you to connect, your trip will be on us. If you have not registered, we ask that you do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We cannot schedule your travel plans until you have registered. We cannot save or guarantee rooms under any condition. **We will sponsor one person from each company to attend connect, to add more people to your reservation please register and we will reach out to you. Spots are limited.

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