The Universal Unilink Business Festival will be the most fun you will have with your business this year!  Come jam with us and learn how to increase profits, run your business more efficiently, and save money.  Breakout sessions will explore services and skills, speakers will motivate and entertain, and suppliers will be in the house to talk with you, demonstrate products, and explore new ways of saving and selling. Best of all, business people, who know the challenges you face every day, will surround you.  Be ready to give and receive the tips and tricks of modern business!

Your “to do” list over the three days will include

  • Exploring new opportunities
  • Networking with colleagues and meeting new friends
  • Laughing at yourself and with others
  • Discovering new products and business services
  • Gaining new skills
  • Eating great food
  • Overcoming obstacles that prevent your business from being all it can be!

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